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The Slick Sleuth line of oil spill detectors are used in a wide variety of industrial and environmental applications for remotely detecting oil spills in real-time. Should a spill or leak occur, Slick Sleuth provides instant detection and notification, enabling users to contain accidental spills and avert otherwise costly environmental damages, cleanup/mitigation expenses, fines, regulatory penalties, and public relations nightmares. The highly sensitive sensor detects small (micron-level) amounts of oil on calm water, moving water surfaces (outfalls, streams, harbors, offshore), as well as on solid/dry surfaces.

Slick Sleuth is designed and fabricated for deployment in rugged settings, including offshore, coastal, harbors, piers, inland waterways, industrial spillways, sumps and separators, retention ponds, and other environments where oil spills are of concern. Slick Sleuth Oil Detectors are conveniently mounted above the water, facilitating ease of installation and operation. This simple above water (non-contact) sampling method eliminates issues such as aquatic/marine bio-fouling or fouling due to oil, debris, or ice, making the system trouble free to operate and maintain.

The system consists of one or more sensor stations, strategically placed for greatest realization of cost-benefit and risk reduction, and for the earliest-possible detection in/around vulnerable operations and environmentally sensitive areas. Sensitivity is user adjustable for “zero tolerance” clean water applications, as well as for industrial sites where the presence of some oil might be expected, but early warning is still needed for ‘catastrophic’ spill events.

Sensors may be powered using available AC/DC power, or with a dedicated solar system for self-contained operation in remote settings. Alarm and data signal can be transmitted via hardwire or wireless transmission. In addition to remote notification, the detector is often coupled with an automated shut-off valve, pump switch, and local A/V alarm.

Slick Sleuth SS100 & SS100-EXd

The Slick Sleuth Models SS100 and SS100-EXd is used specifically for the tank farms, terminals, and other applications where the system detection range is less than 1 meter. The SS100 and SS100-EXd can detect oil on water and on dry ground, for example, early-warning detection of sheens and or slicks in tank dikes, sumps, oily water separators, mixing/dispatch points, loading racks, and storm water drainage & discharge points. The unit is packaged in robust, compact, flameproof industrial housing.

Slick Sleuth SS300

The Slick Sleuths SS300 is designed for oil leaks and spill detection at industrial sites such as: refineries, electrical generation, distribution sites, oil and fuel storage, transfer facilities, manufacturing plants, etc. Typical installation points include: over sumps, retention ponds, oil/water separators, intakes and discharge channels, inland waterways, coastal sites, and other environmentally sensitive sites. Mounting range can be up to 5-meters above the detection surface.

Slick Sleuth SS320 - Extended Range

The Slick Sleuth SS320 is designed for applications requiring longer distance sensor-to-surface oil leak and spill detection such as on piers, over underground discharge channels, manhole access shafts, deep sumps and pits, on offshore structures and other similar installations. The SS320 provides extended operating range of up to 8-meters above detection surface.

Slick Sleuth "Rig Guard" System & Service

Rig Guard is the newest addition to Slick Sleuth’s family of oil detection systems. It is designed specifically for use on offshore production platforms and other offshore facilities. The spill monitors are housed in a robust, explosion-proof, submersible enclosure, with integral wireless capability for wireless transmission of real-time alarms and data to shore. Further, InterOcean offers this oil spill monitoring capability as a service. The all-inclusive new service includes all hardware components (oil detectors, gateway modem, interconnect wiring, etc) bundled as a package with system design, installation, maintenance, and web-hosting - all for a single, affordable, monthly or annual fee.

Slick Sleuth SS300-EXd

The Slick Sleuth SS300-EXd provides oil leak and spill detection for installation in hazardous gas environments. The SS300-EXd incorporates the detection capabilities of the SS300 in a flameproof housing.

Slick Guard Oil Detection Buoy

Slick Guard is a fully integrated environmental monitoring platform. The twin-hulled catamaran style buoy, built by InterOcean Systems, is a rugged and stable design providing an ideal solution for coastal and offshore spill detection wherever a floating monitoring station is required (for example desalination plants).

Slick Sleuth Network Array with Base Station

Slick Sleuths can be configured in a multiple-station network array using the Slick Sleuth Base Station Computer and Software. In this system configuration the Base Station controls and monitors each Slick Sleuth via a serial data interface. The software allows the user to set the detection threshold for each detection station, adjust the sampling period and other parameters. Remote alarm notifications are sent to user-designated cell phones and computers.

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